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Journal ISSN (electronic): 1910-7595

Vol 44: Spring 2020

Table of Contents


COVID-19 and Gambling in Ontario

Literature Review

Virve Marionneau, Janne Nikkinen

Original Article

Axelle Moreau, Emeline Chauchard, Alexandre Hamel, Lou Penthier, Isabelle Giroux, Serge Sévigny
Jason Pchajek, Jason D Edgerton, Lance W Roberts
David Forsström, Philip Lindner, Markus Jansson-Fröjmark, Hugo Hesser, Per Carlbring
James McLauchlan, Matthew Browne, Alex M T Russell, Matthew Rockloff
Bernadeta Lelonek-Kuleta
George Drosatos, Emily Arden-Close, Elvira Bolat, Raian Ali

Opinion and Debate Series

Opportunity Cost and Gambling: Distinguishing Between Competing Activities and Harm
Paul Delfabbro, Daniel King, Neophytos Georgiou