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Publication date: March 2000
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Welcoming Remarks

I am pleased to extend a welcome to all whose interest in gambling-related inquiry has led them to this first edition of The Electronic Journal of Gambling Issues (EJGI), a forum for researchers, clinicians, the gambling industry, gamblers and the interested public. EJGI is intended to be a vehicle for ongoing dialogue about issues ranging from gambling as a social phenomenon to what constitutes responsible gambling and the most effective treatment interventions for problem gamblers. For example, the Features section contains research statements from significant thinkers in the area of gambling studies. If you work with clients with gambling-related problems, the Clinic section offers up-to-date treatment information. And our First Person Accounts section provides a unique opportunity to learn from the narratives of individuals whose lives have been affected by gambling.

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health is itself actively involved in treating individuals who experience problems with gambling, and takes a leading role in training people who plan to work with problem gamblers or are in a position to encourage responsible gambling. In addition, the Centre is committed to gambling-related research and policy initiatives. This journal reflects the breadth of that commitment to the treatment of problem gamblers and the emerging field of gambling studies.

This initiative is especially important as gambling assumes a greater presence in more and more communities through lotteries, casinos, bingo halls and sports betting. Fully understanding the impact of this phenomenon is essential for people who choose to gamble, community leaders, the gambling industry and those involved in the treatment of problem gamblers and their families. The Centre is particularly excited about providing leadership in understanding, prevention and treatment of problem gambling provincially, nationally, and indeed, internationally. The fact that this journal is available through the Internet to whomever has access to a computer underlines our commitment to disseminating knowledge to as wide a public as possible.

Dr. Paul Garfinkel, President and CEO of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Disclaimer:: The opinions expressed in this journal do not necessarily reflect those of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

Statement of Purpose

The Electronic Journal of Gambling Issues (EJGI) offers an Internet-based forum for developments in gambling-related research, policy and treatment as well as personal accounts about gambling and gambling behaviour. Through publishing peer-reviewed articles about gambling as a social phenomenon and the prevention and treatment of gambling problems, it is our aim is to help make sense of how gambling affects us all.

The EJGI is published by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and is fully funded by the Ontario Substance Abuse Bureau of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. We welcome manuscripts submitted by researchers and clinicians, people involved in gambling as players, and family and friends of gamblers.


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