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Gender differences in problem gambling behaviour from help-line callers

Jill Heater, David Patton


The province of Manitoba, Canada, has operated a province-wide Problem Gambling Help-Line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, since 1993. The present study looked at gender differences in a sample of help-line callers. A total of 97 callers (59 men and 38 women) were asked 34 questions. The results showed both similarities and differences among men and women. The most popular gambling activity for all callers was video lottery terminals (71%). Male and female callers had similar background demographics and had both experienced numerous financial, relationship, and work problems as a result of their gambling. Some gender differences were found. Female callers reported a shorter duration of their gambling problem compared to male callers. Higher numbers of men than women gambled in bars, hotels, and restaurants. Overall, the results contribute to an understanding of gender differences in problem gambling.


women and gambling; gambling help-line; gender differences

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