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JGI now accepting French submissions – JGI accepte maintenant les soumissions en français
Dr. Sherry Stewartaff1 Role: Editor-in-Chief
Dr. Serge Sévignyaff2 Role: Rédacteur en Chef Associé

Dear colleagues:

We are pleased to announce that the Journal of Gambling Issues (JGI) is embarking upon a new endeavour – creating a French-language section of the journal. This will make JGI the first English journal in the gambling field to publish French-language papers from French-speaking authors around the world. We will not only be accepting French-language manuscripts, but to make the journal more accessible to our French readership, our next issue will see the abstracts of our English contributions translated to French. French articles will also have their abstracts translated to English to increase their accessibility to our large English-language readership. We hope that our modest contribution will ultimately lead to an even more comprehensively bilingual product down the road.

Contributors can go to the JGI website and follow instructions there for submitting a paper by clicking the Submissions tab. The JGI website outlines how to submit a manuscript through the online Manuscript Central system. The process for making a French-language contribution is identical to that for an English-language manuscript. Alternatively, French-language submissions can also be emailed directly to the editor or our newly-appointed associate editor, Serge Sévigny, who will be overseeing the French language section of the journal.

Also, visiting the journal website will give you an idea of the types of papers published in our journal; these include research articles, brief reports, policy papers, book reviews, editorials, service profile pieces, clinical case reports, and literature reviews in the gambling field.

We look forward to seeing the first set of French-language papers appearing in the journal soon.

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