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Les comportements violents: comparaison des couples selon que l'homme est perçu ou non par sa conjointe comme un joueur problèmatique

Annie Goulet, Isabelle Giroux


Marital problems, reported by a vast majority of problem gamblers, could worsen into violent behaviors. The purpose of this study consists of comparing couples in which the woman perceives her partner as a problem gambler with couples in which the partner is perceived as a non-problem gambler regarding dimensions and severity of violent behaviors inflicted and experienced by the women. Telephone interviews were conducted with 156 participants, 54 of which were in a relationship with a perceived problem gambler. Results indicated that more women with a perceived problem gambler partner report committing behaviors of physical violence and severe forms of psychological/verbal violence, compared with those whose partner is not perceived as a problem gambler. A greater number of these women were also victim of physical and psychological/verbal violence and of severe forms of these types of violence. In the long term, a better understanding of violence among these couples will provide guidelines to adapt interventions offered to gamblers and their relatives.

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