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A Tribute to Dr. Phillip Donaldson: Passed away April 4, 2015
Dr Phillip Donaldson

Dr. Phillip Donaldson received a PhD in cognitive psychology from Flinders University in 2010. His research interests in spatial cognition, attention, and visual perception, along with his passion for experimental design, were well suited to research in the areas of gambling and online gaming behaviour. Phill had established himself as a gifted early career researcher in the gambling field, having contributed as a founding member of CQUniversity’s Experimental Gambling Research Laboratory. His contributions included work on the impact of EGM jackpots on gambling behaviour, pre-commitment features, gambling environments, innovation in gambling products, and the measurement of gambling-related harm. He was chief investigator on the project that developed the scale to measure gambling-related stigma. In addition to being a talented early career researcher, Phill was a gifted lecturer, having won multiple awards for teaching innovation and quality.


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