No 7 (2002)

Table of Contents


Issue 7, December 2002

Original Article

Insoo Kim Berg, John R. Briggs
Appendices to Understanding the school culture
Editorial Team
Don L. Rockey, Kim R. Beason, James D. Gilbert
Jennifer L. McPhee, Robert S. Canham


Gerry Cooper, Guy Doucet

Opinion and Debate Series

Lotteries and the Problem Gambling Community: Myths and Countermyths
Don Feeney
Mark Griffiths

First Person Account

Arnie Wexler's story: I am a recovering compulsive gambler who placed my last bet April 10, 1968.
Arnie Wexler

Service Profile

A multilingual gambling information Web site
Norma Medulun

Book or Film Review

Best Possible Odds: Contemporary Treatment Strategies for Gambling Disorders
Jeffrey I. Kassinove
Video reviews
David C. Hodgins, Erin Cassidy, Alice Holub, Maria Lizak, Chrystal L. Mansley, Adriana Sorbo, Steve Skitch, Kylie Thygesen
Winning Web sites: Researching gambling on the Internet
Rhys Stevens
The Habit Change Workbook: How to Break Bad Habits and Form Good Ones.
Mark Griffiths