Vol 40

Winter 2018

Table of Contents

Original Article

Frédéric Ouellet, Balthazar Queloz
Suzanne Lischer, Juerg Schwarz
Megan E Wall, Cassandra R Durand, Hana Machover, Rachel Arnold, Haley A Miles-McLean, Wendy Potts, Loreen Rugle, Christopher Welsh, Seth Himelhoch
Claudia Venuleo, Piergiorgio Mossi, Sara Calogiuri
Stephanie Bramley, Nicola Dibben, Richard Rowe
Isabelle Smith, Isabelle Giroux

Policy Paper

Irwin Lipnowski, Austin McWhirter


Hardwired for Risk: The Clinical Utility of Exploring Evolutionary Aspects of Gambling
John Paulson