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No 34 (2016) Perceptions of Gambling in Tamil and Chinese Communities in Australia: The Role of Saving Face in Perpetuating Gambling Stigma and Hindering Help Seeking Abstract   PDF   HTML
Harriet Radermacher, Marissa Dickins, Christopher Anderson, Susan Feldman
No 40 (2018) Perceptions of Problem Gambling Among Methadone Maintenance Treatment Clients and Counsellors Abstract   PDF
Megan E Wall, Cassandra R Durand, Hana Machover, Rachel Arnold, Haley A Miles-McLean, Wendy Potts, Loreen Rugle, Christopher Welsh, Seth Himelhoch
No 38 (2018) Perfectionism Predicts Disordered Gambling Via Financially Focused Self-Concept Abstract   PDF   HTML
Nassim Tabri, Kaitlyn M. Werner, Marina Milyavskaya, Michael J. A. Wohl
No 28 (2013) Personality factors associated with problem gambling behavior in university students Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jennifer L. Buckle, Sonya Corbin Dwyer, Jim Duffy, Kelly L. Brown, Nichole D. Pickett
No 15 (2005) Pharmacological approaches Details   HTML
Jon Grant
No 28 (2013) Physical accessibility of gaming opportunity and its relationship to gaming involvement and problem gambling: A systematic review Abstract   HTML   PDF
Sophie D. Vasiliadis, Alun C. Jackson, Darren Christensen, Kate Francis
No 26 (2011) Pilot study of an Internet-based personalized feedback intervention for problem gamblers Abstract   HTML   PDF
John A. Cunningham, David C. Hodgins, Tony Toneatto
No 12 (2004) Pokie gambling and Māori women: Friend or foe? Abstract   HTML
Laurie Morrison
No 34 (2016) Preferred electronic gaming machine environments of recreational versus problem gamblers: An in-venue mixed methods study Abstract   PDF   HTML
Hannah Briony Thorne, Belinda Goodwin, Erika Langham, Matthew Rockloff, Judy Rose
No 15 (2005) Preparing the 2005 National Conference on Problem Gambling conference transcripts for publication Details   HTML
Editorial Team
No 18 (2006) Prevalence estimates of gambling and problem gambling among 13- to 15-year-old adolescents in Reykjavík: An examination of correlates of problem gambling and different accessibility to electronic gambling machines in Iceland Abstract   HTML
Daníel Thor Ólason, Guđmundur A. Skarphedinsson, Johanna Ella Jonsdottir, Mikael Mikaelsson, Sigurdur J. Gretarsson
No 39 (2018) Prevention and Treatment of Problem Gambling Among Older Adults: A Scoping Review Abstract   PDF   HTML
Flora I Matheson, Travis Sztainert, Yana Lakman, Sarah Jane Steele, Carolyn P Ziegler, Peter Ferentzy
No 10 (2004) Prevention of gambling among youth: Increasing knowledge and modifying attitudes toward gambling Abstract   HTML
Marie-Pier Lavoie, Robert Ladouceur
No 26 (2011) Problem and pathological gambling Details   HTML   PDF
Gary Lange
No 2 (2000) Problem Gambling and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Abstract   HTML
Nina Littman-Sharp, Umesh Jain
No 15 (2005) Problem gambling certification and training: The issues of applied science Details   HTML
Joanna Franklin
No 23 (2009) Problem Gambling in Europe: Challenges, Prevention, and Interventions Details   HTML   PDF
Peter Collins
No 3 (2001) Problem gambling Service Details   HTML
Editorial Team
No 38 (2018) Problem gambling severity and involvement in a self-help treatment: Comparison of problem gamblers based on recruitment method Abstract   PDF   HTML
Catherine Boudreault, Isabelle Giroux
No 17 (2006) Problem gambling treatment research: An annotated bibliography Details   HTML
Tony Toneatto, Barbara Kosky
No 15 (2005) Problem gambling-Is it in your genes? Details   HTML
Kamini Shah
No 8 (2003) Problem-solving skills in male and female problem gamblers Abstract   HTML
Diane Borsoi, Tony Toneatto
No 37 (2017) Psychometric Properties of the Swedish Version of the Reasons for Gambling Questionnaire (RGQ) Abstract   PDF   HTML
Peter Wennberg, Kristina Sundqvist
No 32 (2016) Psychopathology and Personality Characteristics in Pathological Gamblers: Identifying Subgroups of Gamblers Abstract   HTML   PDF
Helga Myrseth, Ståle Pallesen, Helge Molde, Odd E. Havik, Guy Notelaers
No 22 (2008) Publishing Addiction Science Details   HTML   PDF
Daryl Boshart
No 18 (2006) Putting gambling problems on the agenda-Some Norwegian experiences Details   HTML
Hans Olav Fekjær
No 35 (2017) Quelle est l’influence du genre dans la recherche de soins chez les joueurs? Abstract   PDF   HTML
Éric Beaulac, Mélina Andronicos, Alain Lesage, Marie Robert, Sébastien Larochelle, Monique Séguin
No 9 (2003) Quitting again: Motivations and strategies for terminating gambling relapses Abstract   HTML
Kylie L. Thygesen, David C. Hodgins
No 31 (2015) Raisons de jouer, _motions et perceptions relatives au hasard et à l'habilet_ de joueurs pratiquant le poker Texas Hold'em en ligne Abstract   HTML   PDF
Priscilla Brochu, Serge Sévigny, Isabelle Giroux
No 2 (2000) Randomness, Does It Matter? Abstract   HTML
Nigel Turner
No 21 (2008) Random-ratio schedules of reinforcement: The role of early wins and unreinforced trials Abstract   HTML   PDF
John Haw
No 20 (2007) Recall of electronic gaming machine signs: A static versus a dynamic mode of presentation Abstract   HTML   PDF
Sally Monaghan, Alex Blaszczynski
No 35 (2017) Reconciling Conflicting Demands in the EGM Industry: Government, Industry, Media and the Community Abstract   PDF   HTML
June St Clair Buchanan, Gregory Elliott
No 17 (2006) Recovery in Gamblers Anonymous Abstract   HTML
Peter Ferentzy, Wayne Skinner, Paul Antze
No 17 (2006) Reducing the moral jeopardy associated with receiving funds from the proceeds of gambling Abstract   HTML
Peter J. Adams, Fiona Rossen
No 8 (2003) Reflections on problem gambling therapy with female clients Details   HTML
Editorial Team
No 22 (2008) Reflections on Responsibility Details   HTML   PDF
Gerda Reith
No 29 (2014) Relating severity of gambling to cognitive distortions in a representative sample of problem gamblers Abstract   HTML   PDF
John A. Cunningham, David C. Hodgins, Tony Toneatto
No 34 (2016) Relations of Five-Factor Personality Domains to Gambling Motives in Emerging Adult Gamblers: A Longitudinal Study Abstract   PDF   HTML
Sean P. Mackinnon, Laura Lambe, Sherry H. Stewart H. Stewart
No 1 (2000) Relationship between gender and substance use among treatment-seeking gamblers Abstract   HTML
Tony Toneatto, Wayne Skinner
No 25 (2011) Report from the Global Gaming Expo, Las Vegas, November 17-19, 2009 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Nigel E. Turner
No 2 (2000) Request for Submissions Details   HTML
Editorial Team
No 23 (2009) Research and Measurement Issues in Gambling Studies Details   HTML   PDF
Nigel E. Turner
No 22 (2008) Resorting to Casinos: The Mississippi Gambling Industry Details   HTML   PDF
Dean R. Gerstein
No 6 (2002) Response to a letter about "Chips, Chatter and Friends" Details   HTML
Barry Fritz
No 8 (2003) Response to clinicians' comments on Introduction: Counselling Mary about her gambling problems Details   HTML
Neasa Martin
No 29 (2014) Response to the commentaries by Lee, Harkness, and Orford Details   HTML   PDF
Kimberly A. Calderwood, Anne Rajesparam
No 28 (2013) Response to the commentaries by Marotta, Plecas, and Turner Details   HTML   PDF
D. J. Williams
No 39 (2018) Responsible Gambling Strategies: Are They Effective Against Problem Gambling Risk in Older Ontarians? Abstract   PDF   HTML
Éric R Thériault, Joan E Norris, Joseph A Tindale
No 3 (2001) Reviews Details   HTML
Editorial Team
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