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A brochure on Internet risk awareness and prevention
Bill Ursel
Dave Morgan
Problem Gambling Community Program, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. E-mail:
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For correspondence: Bill Ursel, Canadian Mental Health Association (Saskatchewan Division), 2702 12 th Avenue, Regina, SK. S4T 1J2 Canada, telephone: (306)-525-5601, fax (306)-569-3788, URL, e-mail:
Competing interests: None declared.
Bill Ursel (MCD University of Illinois, MA, community development) is director of the Problem Gambling Community Program. Bill brings 25 years of community development experience to the program.
Dave Morgan is assistant director of the Problem Gambling Community Program in Saskatchewan. A graduate of the University of Regina, Dave has been employed in problem gambling and chemical dependencies awareness for almost thirty years.

The increase in the number of gambling venues is evident in most jurisdictions. Casinos, video lottery terminal site holders, and lottery kiosks are ever present in rural and urban settings. However, the Internet is the greatest area of current gambling growth.

Risks for the online player are unique and the isolation of the online player can be profound. For these players, there is the inability to track time lost and money spent. Yet while absorbed in play the risks seem so distant.

The Regina Committee on Problem Gambling has developed a brochure to address the risks and some ways to reduce the risks of online gambling. Our committee is part of the Problem Gambling Community Program. This program has a mandate from Saskatchewan Health to deliver the public education and community development components of Saskatchewan's problem gambling program. Links within the text direct the reader to our Web site and the Saskatchewan Health site.

If any portion of the brochure is used, please credit the Regina Committee on Problem Gambling.

The brochure may be found online at:

(The PDF file requires Adobe Reader.)

The Regina Committee on Problem Gambling developed the Internet Risk Awareness brochure. The committee provides for a forum for the sharing of problem gambling information, networking opportunities for members, and opportunities to work collectively to address problem gambling issues.

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