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Happy Retirement to our Founding Editor, Phil Lange
Members of the Editorial Board, JGI


The Editorial Board of the Journal of Gambling Issues (JGI) would like to express its gratitude to Phil Lange, founding editor of JGI, for his important and remarkable contributions to the emergence of JGI as a vital forum for knowledge exchange and research dissemination about gambling and gambling problems. We have been impressed by his unequivocal commitment to retiring and taking up other enthusiasms that a full-time job inevitably gets in the way of. Our self-interested efforts to encourage him to defer or protract his leaving have not been able to sway Phil from his resolve for new adventures and a return to territories explored long ago—he is, after all, an anthropologist by training!

He was described in his farewell celebration as being something of a modern renaissance man, with many competencies and interests. We in problem gambling world have been the beneficiary of these for just about eight years now. The job of editing a journal is a demanding one. It is a true sign of the person that Phil is that so many who have been involved with the JGI as authors, reviewers, and in other ways, have remarked on the civility and thoughtfulness that Phil brought to his work with them. Indeed, a number of individuals sent their best wishes, which were read out at his farewell. To illustrate, here are a few quotes from colleagues around the world:

“Phil—thank you for your always-kind and reinforcing comments about our papers, and thank you for being a warm and friendly presence in this electronic world”.

“As an editor you had to chase reviewers and contend with discontented authors who always found critical reviews unjustified (rightfully so). Throughout this process you always tried to bring reason and fairness while helping advance this young field. You did an exemplary job”.

“While we are far away on the other side of the world, the Internet brings us close and your energies have fostered a very precious resource. In the process, you leave behind an important legacy for the gambling field”.

To this tribute, the Editorial Board adds its congratulations to Phil on his outstanding editorship. He has provided the foundation upon which the Journal of Gambling Issues is built, and he leaves a legacy for future editors to carry. His professional acumen, personal warmth and interpersonal skills made him a caring and wise guide in his role as editor, leading us effectively through the never-easy terrain of quality scholarly publication in a complex and contentious environment.


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