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Publication date: June 2008
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A Warm Canadian ‘Thank You’
Phil Lange Affiliation: (Former editor, Journal of Gambling Issues)


My retirement as editor of the Journal of Gambling Issues (JGI) at the end of February 2008 offers me two reasons for joy. One comes from contemplating the freedoms popularly associated with retirement. The other comes from my pleasure in seeing Daryl Boshart as the JGI's new Managing editor. Daryl brings excellent qualities; he has a solid background in gambling research and advanced knowledge of peer-reviewed publishing practices and ethics. I know that you will enjoy working with Daryl (— he has none of my irritating faults).

With some sadness I will miss the warm collegiality of our colleagues. The quality and utility of any science journal rests on the labours of authors and reviewers. I want to especially thank each reviewer for their timeliness and the expertise that they bring to each review. By reading the list of reviewers in “About us” you can see who these valuable researchers and clinicians are. They deserve our gratitude.

And last, I offer a warm Canadian “thank you” to everyone who supported the JGI.

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