An introduction to video instant ticket vending machines


  • Vance V. MacLaren Brandon University Department of PsychologyBrandon, Manitoba, Canada
  • Kevin A. Harrigan University of Waterloo Gambling Research Lab Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  • Michael J. Dixon University of Waterloo Department of PsychologyWaterloo, Ontario, Canada



Video Instant Ticket Vending Machines (V-ITVMs) are a new form of electronic gambling machine currently being introduced to the North American markets of Ontario, Maryland, Missouri and New Mexico. The present paper is intended to raise awareness among regulators, problem gambling researchers, and clinicians about the nature of these games. These V-ITVMs resemble slot machines and present audiovisual content along with the sale of the tickets. We discuss several potentially harmful features of these games, ones which may promote problem gambling behaviour, such as fast continuous play, losses disguised as wins, near misses, deceptive bonus rounds, and a tendency to promote false beliefs among players who are vulnerable to disordered gambling behaviour. Effective programs for problem gambling prevention and treatment should be implemented as vital parts of any initiative to introduce V-ITVMs.






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