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Raisons de jouer, _motions et perceptions relatives au hasard et à l'habilet_ de joueurs pratiquant le poker Texas Hold'em en ligne

Priscilla Brochu, Serge Sévigny, Isabelle Giroux


Although the practice of online poker is associated with high rates of gambling problems, little is yet known about what distinguishes online poker players with different levels of gambling problems. Three groups of Texas Hold'em online poker players (low-risk (n = 7), at-risk (n = 7) and problematic (n = 3)), were compared in terms of their motivations to play, their emotions experienced during play and their perceptions about chance and skill. Thematic analysis from focus groups conducted reveals that the motivations to play and emotions reported in the groups are similar. The at-risk and problematic groups distinguish themselves from the low-risk group in their overestimation of their personal skill. The beliefs gathered through this study will contribute to the development or adaptation of erroneous beliefs' questionnaires used with online poker players.


jeu en ligne; poker; perceptions; _motions; pr_vention; traitement

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