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« La première fois que j’ai joué… » : l’expérience d’adolescents considérés comme ayant des difficultés avec les jeux de hasard et d’argent

Annie-Claude Savard, Daniel Turcotte, Joël Tremblay


This study describes the initial gambling experiences of teenagers who have developed problem gambling habits with regard to: a) the nature of the gambling activities, b) the significance of the first experience in terms of the benefits and attractive aspects of gambling, and c) the progression toward the development of problematic behaviours. The research design draws on secondary analysis of data from semi-structured interviews carried out with 31 adolescents with problem gambling behaviours in treatment for the consumption of psychoactive substances (PS). An analysis of the teenagers' responses reveals the existence of material, emotive and social benefits associated with their first gambling experience and the exacerbation of their behaviours. The results were analysed in light of the teenagers' social context: popularity of certain games, importance of performance, wealth and the pursuit of pleasure.


Adolescence; première experience; études qualitatives; bénéfices; contexte social; jeux de hasard et d'argent et consommation de substances

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