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Les joueurs sans problème de jeu de 55 ans et plus : événements, conséquences et caractéristiques structurelles et environnementales influençant les habitudes de jeu

Isabelle Giroux, Francine Ferland, Cathy Savard, Christian Jacques, Priscilla Brochu, Dominic Nadeau, Philippe Landreville, Serge Sévigny


Gambling habits of people aged 55 years and over without gambling problems are rarely being investigated. In order to document life events and to identify the impacts of gambling on quality of life, 19 participants aged 55 to 74 years without gambling problems, male and female, were assembled in three focus groups. Qualitative content analysis of the groups reveals changes in gambling habits associated with transition to retirement and occurrence of health problems. The content analysis further reveals a variety of positive and negative consequences of gambling habits on finances, hobbies, social relationships, and psychological health. Although the focus groups did not target the structural or environmental characteristics of gambling that influence participants' gambling habits, those themes were brought up spontaneously. Results highlight the necessity to study life events from a larger perspective including, for example, protective and risk factors, in order to better understand the life contexts and the individual characteristics that may lead to an alteration or not of gambling habits.


jeu de hasard et d'argent; aînés; prévention; évenements de vie; conséquences

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