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How working in a gaming venue can lead to problem gambling: The experiences of six gaming venue staff

Nerilee Hing, Helen Breen


Arising from a larger study into workplace influences on gambling amongst employee who work in hotels, clubs, and casinos in Queensland, Australia, this paper presents six case studies of staff with gambling problems. All six developed their gambling problems while working in gaming venues. Semi-structured interviews were conducted and analysed thematically to reveal several ways in which the work environment in gaming venues influences the gambling behaviour of these staff. For these employees, the attraction of gambling is reportedly enhanced by close interaction with gamblers, frequent exposure to gambling, the influence of fellow employees, the influence of management, workplace stress, hours of work, and frequent exposure to gambling marketing and promotions. Responsible gambling training and other venue-based responsible gambling measures did not protect these staff from gambling problems. An understanding of these workplace influe


problem gambling, gaming venue staff, case studies, work environment, risk factors

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