No 4 (2001)

Table of Contents


Issue 4, May 2001

Original Article

David A. Korn
Julie E. Scott

First Person Account

The Evolution of Discovery: Finding Out the Truth for Myself
Jennifer Zechmeister

Policy Paper

Daniela Dombrowski, Ambros Uchtenhagen, Jürgen Rehm

Service Profile

Gambling Information and Counseling Services
Linnea W. Powell

Book or Film Review

Gambling and Governments in Canada, 1969-1998: How Much? Who Plays? What Pay-off?
Len Henriksson

Debate Series

Alexander Blaszczynski, Fiona Maccallum
Author's Response to Reviewers' Comments and References
Alex Blaszczynski
Expert Responses
Durand F. Jacobs, Rina Gupta, David Hodgins